domenica 11 ottobre 2009


A-Appele-I like apples
B-Bicyle-I usually ride on it
C-Children-I love children
D-Dog-My dog’s name Blok
E-Ease-I have a nice visage
F-Face-I have a nice
G-Garage-I have a garage
H-Half-I have half
I-I-I am a student
J-J-jazz-I love you Jazz
K-Key-I use Key to open the door
L-Long-it is long
M-Music-I love music
N-Name- Name is Pasquale
Q-Quiz-I love you quiz
R-Rap-I love rap
S-School-I love you school
T-Taxi-use taxi
U-Use-I use taxi
V-Verb-I love you verb
W-Whot-whot’s yeur game
Z-Zoo-I love zoo

venerdì 9 ottobre 2009


In this letter I introduce myself to you.
I’m fourteen years old. I’m a boy.
My surname is Parisi and my name is Pasquale.
I have one brother
I have three sisters
I live at Marconia with my parents.
I like tennis and music
I think I am calm
My ayes are blue
I am tall
I like people who are spontaneous
I don’t like terrible people I was born ill Marconia